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In the dynamic realm of marketing, advertising, and sales, achieving influence requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses not just industry expertise, but also a profound grasp of the products or services you represent. Welcome to the world of Product Knowledge—an essential pillar of the P.I.C. model, where proficiency becomes your key to unlocking unparalleled influence.  

Why do you need influence? Simply put, unless you are the CEO, you will need to work with others in your team and other departments to make a profound impact. Sometimes, that impact means getting the aforementioned to collaborate with you on an idea or solution you came up with. And without authority, you will need influence which is even much better. Let us see how the “P” in P.I.C. model can enable you maximise your influence to get things done. 

Embark on the Ecosystem Journey: 

Picture this: you are at the helm of marketing, advertising, or sales. Your primary task is to bridge the gap between your offerings and the eager consumers. To excel, it is not enough to superficially understand your product or service. You need to journey through your organization’s internal ecosystem, from the initial spark of ideation to the grand rollout or seamless service delivery. This immersive experience unveils the intricate workings of each department’s contribution, granting you a comprehensive perspective to add value and deepen the knowledge required to fuel your influence. 

Fulfilling Purpose with Confidence: 

At the heart of every product or service lies a purpose. Knowing this purpose is pivotal. It is like wielding a magic wand that empowers sales and service teams to exude confidence. Like a Ford Ranger’s promise of a utilitarian workhorse for play, family and work. Armed with deep product knowledge, you are equipped to address potential concerns, objections, and queries, ensuring that every customer interaction echoes excellence. And your expertise nurtures credibility, a cornerstone for long-term business growth. 

Accessible and Valuable: 

Availability and accessibility are the keystones of customer satisfaction. Your understanding of how your product or service reaches existing and potential buyers is vital. It enables you to zero in on retention and acquiring new customers. Imagine an online retailer, for instance, who ensures a seamless shopping experience from a user-friendly website only that doorstep delivery sucks. Customers do not get their products on time. By identifying these touchpoints, you create an environment that nurtures customer loyalty and magnifies your influence. And you cannot do this well without focusing on point one; embarking on the internal ecosystem journey. 

Differentiation of value & Benefits: 

In the labyrinth of competitive markets, differentiation is the compass guiding your influence. A deep understanding of your product’s unique value proposition gives you an edge. As a marketing, advertising, or sales professional, your ability to communicate these distinct benefits not only attracts consumers but binds them to your brand. This differentiation becomes the cornerstone of your influence, echoing far beyond your immediate role. 

In Addition: 

To complete your product knowledge mastery, you must embrace the knowledge of your competition’s offerings. Only then can you avoid falling into the trap of inadvertently promoting industry standards as differentiators. Knowledge of both sides of the aisle empowers you to construct persuasive narratives, steering conversations away from potential mockery and toward genuine value. 

But do remember, that product knowledge is but one facet of the P.I.C. model. In the coming week, we will traverse the terrain of Industry Knowledge, understanding how it intertwines with Product and Customer Knowledge to fortify your influence to get things done. 

The pursuit of influence is an intricate dance, where each step represents a facet of understanding. Product Knowledge is your opening move—a powerful statement of your dedication to mastering your craft. But remember, it is not a solo act. Next week, we will venture into Industry Knowledge, the second dimension of the P.I.C. model. Brace yourself for a transformative journey that will redefine your influence and shape your trajectory. 

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