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The global pandemic has accelerated the transition to retail's future, with many players increasingly investing in digital assets to meet consumers' new needs while fending off new competition. I will work with you to build and implement the necessary digital, analytics, technology, and retail strategies for your organisation to succeed in this fast-paced industry. Consumer products, luxury goods and services, and the fashion industry are included in my retail consulting services.

How many retail businesses have a lot of data, but they haven't yet figured out how to use it as a significant business driver? Nothing less will suffice now. This is where I step in to help your business in prioritizing digital initiatives as part of a flexible retail strategy that's more sensitive to customer needs than ever before.

My focus will be on increasing the commercial pitch, formats, omnichannel and operations capabilities needed to deliver on retail strategy as consumer behaviour continues to evolve swiftly and abruptly in our pandemic-changed world.

I will do this by developing delightful customer experiences, retail operations optimization, retail analytics, and artificial intelligence, that will help in fast adapting to the new reality. Digital retail marketing and retail brands determined to provide social impact are among the others.

This is for people who are thinking about beginning or have previously started a business. Maybe you have an unfulfilled passion that you'd like to turn into a source of revenue. Maybe you loathe your job and want to get out of the rat race. Perhaps you want financial independence and want to "work for yourself." Alternatively, perhaps you're already a willing (or hesitant) participant in the "gig economy" and want to learn how to make a living from it. Maybe you've already started a company but aren't sure you have everything under control. I'm here to help you find clarity in any scenario you're in.

After spending the previous nine years in the new venture ecosystem as a consultant to small businesses and the founder of a couple of ventures, I can attest to the fact that starting a business is a very attractive career route for many, thanks to technological advancements that have made launching a business much easier and less expensive.

Despite the general public's common misunderstandings about how to establish and operate a successful business, practical guidelines you can apply to be among the few 10% of startups that succeed against all odds are ever available. I'll draw on my own experience and lessons learned working with startups to infuse a dose of reality into what it takes to manage a business, along with practical advice you can implement to thrive.

Smart connected strategy is the best way to desirable ends with available means. It's about moving your business from where it currently is to where you would like to be. I'll collaborate with you to answer key questions about the why, what to do, where to go, when and how, and what not to do. I'll discuss long-term business growth techniques that will outlast the competition and stand the test of time.

Our PLISM framework provides brands with building and nurturing a customer-centric culture executed by competent and motivated teams.


Have you got sales associates that aren’t making the most of every transaction? Are you recording increasing lower per-square-foot sales? Have you got high staff turnover as well? Then you should contact me so that I can speak with, coach, and inspire your team, as well as assist you in recruiting the best and most eager people. I organize Retail Sales Training For retail organisations of All Sizes.

Organizations engage me to speak and consult in an interactive, enjoyable, and actionable manner to improve customer experience and service. And we can do this either virtually or in-person. Others hire me as a sales coach for outside sales reps and diverse teams in order to achieve double-digit outcomes. I'm currently working with retail industry specialists to create The Relearn Project, an online retail sales training platform.