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Building a Culture of Intentional Customer Experience 

 Welcome back and thank you for joining me as we continue our journey into the realm of customer experience. In our last discussion, we explored why prioritising customer experience is crucial in a market where differentiation is becoming increasingly challenging. This week, we dive deeper into how organisations can build a culture focused on intentionally creating pleasurable customer experiences. 

Understanding the Three Dimensions of a Brand 

In our previous article, we outlined the three dimensions of a brand, product, or service: utility, emotional, and societal. These dimensions help shape customer perception and form the basis for crafting an outstanding customer experience. If you missed how to leverage these dimensions, you can read more about it here. 

Intentional Design for Pleasurable Customer Experiences 

Creating a memorable customer experience does not happen by chance; it requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of customer needs and expectations. This involves identifying the touchpoints where customers interact with your brand and anticipating their actions. By investing in understanding your customers, you can craft experiences that resonate with them on a deeper level. 

Managing Customer Expectations 

In a marketplace that often feels homogenous, one way to stand out is by managing customer expectations. This approach focuses on ensuring that your customers receive what they expect, while also aiming to exceed their expectations when possible. Consider this as a three-tiered structure

Handling Expectations 

At the very least, ensure customers get what they expect. This involves planning for potential challenges, both within and outside your control, and having contingency plans in place. For instance, during busy periods like festive seasons, supermarkets and hypermarkets in Lagos, Nigeria, often experience long queues and slow service. By anticipating these issues, brands can implement solutions like personal shoppers, AI-based queue management systems, and additional training for staff on empathy and courtesy. 

Fulfilling Expectations 

This should be the standard outcome. By clearly understanding what customers expect from your brand, you can tailor your processes and service delivery to meet those expectations. This might involve consistent stock levels, efficient customer service, or smooth checkout experiences. 

Going Beyond Expectations 

While this cannot always be achieved, it is an excellent target to aim for. It requires a commitment to customer delight and a focus on innovation. Going above and beyond might involve small gestures that make a significant impact, like surprise perks for loyal customers or exceptionally quick service. 

Empathy as the Foundation 

Empathy is the cornerstone of a successful customer experience strategy. It underpins every decision made in the customer journey, from addressing pain points to implementing solutions that ease customer frustration. Without empathy, even the best-laid plans can fall apart when challenges arise. 

Building the Culture 

To create a culture focused on delivering excellent customer experiences, organisations need to: 

  • Identify Key Touchpoints: Understand where customers interact with your brand and focus on making these moments as seamless as possible. 
  • Empower Your Team: Provide your employees with the training and resources they need to meet and exceed customer expectations. 
  • Communicate Clearly: Ensure everyone understands their role in creating a positive customer experience and the overall goals of the organisation. 
  • Foster a Culture of Empathy: Encourage your team to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and act accordingly. 


Building a culture of intentionally creating pleasurable customer experiences is a continuous process. It requires a commitment to understanding and addressing customer needs, a willingness to innovate, and a focus on managing expectations. When done right, it can set your brand apart and lead to lasting customer loyalty. 

Next week, we will continue exploring more aspects of customer expectations and how to plan for an exceptional customer experience. Until then, have a fantastic weekend and a wonderful week ahead! 

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