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You probably thought 2021 was going to come, we exchange pleasantries and things will revert to normal? Newsflash! The pandemic jumped in too.

A bit of research we carried out, suggested that many executives in multinationals are still working from home. The good news is you can avoid the traffic, hustle and bustle in the city. However, about 70% of employees are experiencing burnout while WFH.

And you will find so many articles on Google sharing tips. But not all may be applicable or helpful.

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Tips will include taking some time off, being kind to yourself, implementing a routine, and structure your daily tasks. Fantastic ideas!

No approach is tailored made though. You will have to figure out what suits you. Solutions to avoid burnout for an employee or entrepreneur with kids homeschooling will be different from an employee living alone.

But what everyone looking to avoid burnout must do is maintain a laser focus on the tasks for the day and strict discipline. So for example, a nanny is to manage the kids till at least noon when you go on a break to check up on them. Nanny must be empowered and riot act read out because they tend to down tools of managing the kids when the parents are around.

Focus is hard when there’s no one looking over your shoulder or a colleague around. Way too many distractions. Tell yourself when you pick up your phone to conduct quick research not to get carried away with reels on IG or suggestions by the default browser.

Without focus and discipline, it doesn’t matter what tips you get. You will continue to struggle.

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